Swimming is probably the most demanding sport for technique and usually the most intimidating for beginner triathletes. But don't worry, with Borrey's dedicated coaching you will be able to tackle the swim leg in no time! During the fall and winter months there is a high attention to technique and as we get closer to race season the pace and volume will increase.

We normally have 8 x 25m lanes booked on Tuesday and Thursday, and 4 x 50m lanes on Sunday morning. On a normal day we will have 2-3 people per lane that are grouped based on experience level from beginner to experienced varsity swimmers and everything in between. The only thing we ask is that you are comfortable to swim at least 25m (one pool length) unassisted.


During the winter months, our bike program consists of 2 spin sessions per week on Monday and Wednesday evenings, followed by ~20 minutes of core exercise. A mix of bike technique, endurance sets and sprint intervals led by our instructor Chris Courtice will keep you in shape while we are indoors. To test your progress, the first Monday of every month there will be a time trial.

As soon as the weather clears up we will go outside for our group rides on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings. Due to different speed levels the group tends to split up through the ride, but there are usually enough people to make sure everyone will find a pace buddy. No matter what, we will always make sure that nobody rides on their own. Keep an eye on Facebook since start locations and times might be flexible depending on who is in town for a ride.


We have been running on Sundays at 10:30am.  Again, check our Facebook page since times and start locations vary weekly.


Available from Higher Health Yoga Studio. Class of your choice per week.